Tuesday, October 18, 2011

GEARS 3 Update!

Hey all.  Its been an exciting few weeks!  Most exciting is the release of Gears 3.  So proud of the whole team at Epic for making an amazing game.  I hope everyone is have a blast playing it.

I finally got around to posting some new stuff in the Gears 3 section!  Check it out! 

Here are a couple little samples for ya.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Pretty cool Cosplay Anya...

Man, I am always so blown away when someone takes my designs to this level.  She did an amazing job at getting the vibe of Anya.


Stuff from Epic Games GDC Demo

Here is a monster post of stuff I did for the Epic Games GDC Demo.  Robots, guns, and dudes in overcoats.  Cant beat that!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Doodle it up.......Friday doodle

I havent doodled in YEARS. This is probably the first non-work sketch I have done in 5 years. 


The Grindlift of death

I found a video of the 3d model I made and animated for the Grindlift in Gears 2.  This vehicle had a very specific function that I had to design around.  It was one of the more challenging vehicles I have had to design for Gears but honestly I enjoy this complex wierd stuff the most. 

Something rough

People are always asking me to show the process by which I work.  I put these pages together for some article a few years ago.  The article was cancelled but I decided to slap them up here.  For everything weapon or vehicle I always build a 3d model in 3ds Max.  Then for the final concept I paint over it in photoshop. 

Gears of War 1 section is updated.

Dug deep in the vault and uploaded my Gears 1 concepts.  For some reason the Kryll concept was one of my favorites.  Probably because it wasnt super complicated and I had fun coming up with something bizarre.