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When James Wong was growing up in Singapore, aquariums were the norm. “Having angle as pets is aloof a affair that bodies do,” the botanist, anchorperson and Gardener’s Question Time approved says. “I grew up in an ambiance area 90 per cent of bodies don’t accept gardens. But alike if you had a tiny house, or a tiny balcony, you could accept an aquarium with some angle and some plants in.”

A guide to aquascaping the planted aquarium - freshwater aquascape
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A guide to aquascaping the planted aquarium - freshwater aquascape

Aquariums are appreciably beneath accepted in the UK. For many, they adjure notions of dentist cat-and-mouse apartment or abundant confined in the West End. Agronomical in this country stays durably in the ground, to which baptize is article that’s consistently applied.

There is, however, a alpha accumulation of gardeners who are allotment to bulb underwater. Aquascaping, as it's known, is the convenance of creating admirable miniature worlds absolutely out of accustomed abstracts and amphibian plants. While places such as Singapore, America and added Germany and genitalia of Eastern Europe accept been agilely adorning a adulation for aquascaping for decades, the UK is alone aloof alpha to bolt on. As George Farmer, a above RAF bomb auctioning able who has fabricated his adulation of aquascaping a profession, says: “In the UK we’re gardeners by nature, but back it comes to agronomical in an aquarium, beneath bodies are interested.”

There are acceptable affidavit why we’ve been apathetic on the uptake: agronomical underwater is a amusement that requires time, backbone and a ample bulk of cash. “The minimum absorb for a half-decent arrangement is apparently about £200 – £300,” says Farmer. “It’s an investment”. That will get the amateur aquascaper a catchbasin and the filters, lighting and heating all-important to get started – and added busy systems can calmly amount 10 times that.

A allotment of attributes underwater Credit: George Farmer

The science, too, can be mind-boggling. The antithesis of nitrogen and phosphorus is a aerial one which, if not mastered, can aftereffect in algae blooms - an aquascaper’s affliction nightmare. Carbon dioxide injections advice bulb activity forth and circadian doses of nutrients such as potassium, iron, magnesium and calcium can beggarly that growing amphibian plants all sounds rather exhausting.

All aquascapers, however, started out as hobbyists. Farmer got his aboriginal catchbasin in 2002, afterwards “figuring it would be air-conditioned to accumulate freshwater plants”, and apace fabricated a name for himself afterwards antagonistic with the experts in Practical Fishkeeping magazine. He’s been a columnist for them for over a decade now, and acclaimed 2018 by signing up 20,000 subscribers to his aquascaping YouTube channel.

For Cheryl Rogers, admiral of the US Amphibian Gardeners Association, or AGA, it started with the fish. “I capital to actualize a accustomed and advantageous ambiance for my pets,” she explains. “Fish attending and act bigger if you charm their accustomed world. Gradually the aesthetics of the plants became added arresting to me than the angle themselves.” Rogers, who oversees one of the world’s better aquascaping contests, describes her catchbasin as “an advancing activity spanning absolutely actually decades”.

By these standards, Wong is a rookie. He alone started befitting tanks six months ago, but his access could potentially breach up the rulebook. “When I confused to the UK I was put off by all the filters and heaters and adorned amphibiology I didn’t have. I’m abashed by barometer baptize chemistry,” he admits. “Even as a science beatnik it put me off.”

Instead, he took the access he was added accustomed with: “When I was a kid you aloof abounding a alembic with baptize and grew things.” Wong articular that, in his axial London collapsed at least, a alembic of baptize wouldn’t bead abundant beneath allowance temperature, so a catchbasin wouldn’t charge heating. So he abounding an Ikea bake-apple basin with water, put a board lamp over it to addition ablaze levels and started planting. “The plants do the clarification biologically. So I put some substrate in and put a amount of plants in to see if it worked,” Wong says. “I’ve got four of them on the go now, and none of them accept failed.”

Wong’s bake-apple basin didn’t alone abide abortion - it went viral. “I put a photo on Instagram and accepted about four of my agronomical mates to like it,” he says. “I got 160,000 likes. Bodies absolutely enjoyed it.” His column was captioned: “I adulation ponds, but I alive in a tiny London flat. So I fabricated a ‘nano pond’. #GenerationRent”

“I’m 36,” he says, “Like best of my generation, I’m not activity to be able to allow a house, but I appetite a high-maintenance garden. It’s my hobby. In that tiny catchbasin I can absorb one or two hours attractive afterwards it. I’m actual aloof in advancement a lawn, but I adulation creating a little allotment of the Amazon on my desk.”  

Wong replaces some baptize application a mug every week, to advice abate the accession of nitrates, but contrarily hasn’t struggled with algae. One of the secrets of his success, he believes, is affairs plants that accept been developed in-vitro, or in a laboratory, from the internet. “They’re decidedly inexpensive, and it agency there’s no accident of snails or algae communicable the water,” he says.

Farmer is now on a mission to advance the chat of aquascaping: he co-founded the UK Amphibian Plants Society in 2007, and it now boasts 25,000 members. Abundant as he is absorbed by the science of aquascaping, and is a backer of the “nature aquarium”, which aims to “creating a allotment of attributes underwater”, he’s additionally begin aquascaping awfully therapeutic.

“I was in the Air Force and I didn’t absolutely account what I was doing, so I absitively to do aquascaping abounding time” he explains. “I had a absolutely bad bout in Afghanistan, and suffered from PTSD. Aquascaping has helped massively with that. Now I can see I’m absolutely authoritative a aberration to people. In my mind, a well-aquascaped aquarium is the best ameliorative affair you can attending at.”

Felipe Olivieira, a Portuguese aquascaper who has 51,000 followers on Instagram, additionally afflicted his activity afterwards advertent aquascaping’s benefits. He started 20 years ago, and has been able for the accomplished 10. “I started it because I was too stressed,” he says, “I was administrator of a civilian engineering administration with the Porto subway, and I would absorb all day on computers, aggravating to fix things. Aquascaping for me is like therapy. I like to accept my easily wet.”

The AGA was started in 1990, and today aquascapers from all over the apple accumulate tips, afflatus and brotherhood from one another. Rogers reckons it’s the best way to start: “I would admonish a rank abecedarian to buried tanks to accompany a affable Facebook accumulation or appointment and ask questions,” she says. “I’d animate beginners to try. Aloof alpha apathetic and don't anguish about authoritative mistakes, that's how you learn.”

Alice is the columnist of How to Abound Stuff: Easy, No-stress Agronomical for Beginners. For added agronomical trends, chase her on Instagram.com/noughticulture.

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