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In the affectation tanks of Aqua Backwoods Aquarium, there is no neon gravel, no miniature artificial castles, no alveolate abundance boxes brindled with glitter. Instead, owners and brothers George and Steven Lo accept created accustomed replicas of miniature underwater worlds: a angled allotment of driftwood draped with aphotic blooming moss, a abundant bouncing fern-filled forest, a peaceful blooming meadow and, in a tiny 5½-gallon tank, a jewel box water-filled terrarium.

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Small angle and shrimp dot these environments, but like a army of birds or agriculture beasts in a mural painting, they are alone acknowledging characters. Here, the underwater plants get the attention.

Aqua Backwoods Aquarium is the aboriginal boutique in the United States to specialize in the appearance accepted as "nature aquarium" — the abstraction that rather than artlessly apartment a bright accumulating of fish, an aquarium should reflect the beauty, beheld accord and alike astriction of a agrarian landscape. Plants are the capital element, but driftwood and stones are acclimated as able-bodied to actualize a added accustomed feel. There are added types of buried aquariums, but this architecture aesthetics was developed in the backward '70s by Japanese attributes columnist Takashi Amano, whom George Lo describes as "like a god."

Nature aquariums are added accepted in Asia, but the trend is demography basis in the U.S. The movement owes its actuality to Amano, who has put out four abundant books about freshwater aquascaping. He began experimenting with aquariums in his aboriginal 20s, aggressive by a adolescence arena in the Yoroi wetlands in Japan and after during trips to abutting rain forests in the Amazon, West Africa and Borneo.

"When I swam in the river, I begin abounding amphibian plants blooming and angle pond in schools," he wrote in an e-mail. "Here the plants are the abode for spawning, and ambuscade abode for fish." Underwater, he begin a apple area plants angry sunlight into oxygen for fish, area attributes begin balance. "I capital to actualize a amplitude area plants and angle coexist in a accord central an aquarium tank."

Amano's aquascapes are so activating and abounding of movement they attending as if they are activity to access out of the tank. Sometimes they do. It is not aberrant for his plants, stones and driftwood to pop appropriate out of the top by design.

"Based on my experiences, and analysis to abutting regions, I accept my blueprint is accepting abutting to the angel of attributes and accustomed habitat," Amano said. "In a sense, the blueprint looks added accustomed than nature, I think."

Last year, George Lo placed 20th in an all-embracing antagonism sponsored by Amano's aquascaping company, ADA. No beneath than 1,342 bodies from 51 countries submitted photographs of their aquascapes.

For some, the home aquarium may adjure images of accouchement aggravating out their pet-raising training auto or a apathetic available over-investing in abutting fish, but the buried aquarium has been accepting a U.S. following. Karen Randall, who sits on the lath of the Amphibian Gardener's Association, began accepting austere about growing plants in her aquariums in the mid-1980s but had agitation aback again award a abundance that awash a array of animate plants. Alike if an aquarium buyer could acquisition underwater plants, Randall said, admonition on how to booty affliction of them was limited.

"Europe was affectionate of advanced of the U.S. in agreement of bulb alternative and how to best accumulate them alive," Randall said.

The acceleration of the Internet, however, has afflicted all that. Award adolescent underwater bulb enthusiasts and administration admonition became abundant easier, alike on an all-embracing level.

By 1991, the Amphibian Gardeners Association put out a annual for 300 aquascapers, who met mostly through online bulletin boards. Since again the cardinal of subscriptions to the annual advertisement has quadrupled to a accepted aerial of 1,200.

Amano's books accept been translated into six languages, and he lectures and holds workshops throughout the world. His aggregation creates and sells high-end aquascaping tools, authoritative him the ascendancy not alone on how these underwater area are designed, but additionally on how they're tended (with near-surgical precision).

His aquariums borrow account from Japanese annual arranging, Zen bedrock arrange and the abstraction of wabi-sabi — that amiss is beautiful. "It is important the catchbasin doesn't attending too symmetrical," Steven Lo said. "There is a abridgement of activating tension."

Randall, who served as a adjudicator for this year's ADA contest, said she looked for "a antithesis in the layout, that the plants accomplish faculty in agreement of sizes and colors, as able-bodied as textures and shades." And the angle amount too. They should accompaniment the buried waterscape.

The Lo brothers, two of a scattering of bodies in the apple who accept a affidavit of achievement for their studies with Amano, did not attempt in the ADA challenge this year because they've been too active with Aqua Backwoods Aquarium. Business has been growing.

On a contempo afternoon their baby storefront was abounding with an array of customers: two heavy-set men absorbing over what bracken plants to buy, three middle-school kids aloof attractive around, a mother of two affairs angle for her son's tank.

"It wasn't until I came actuality that I accomplished how abundant added you can do with an aquarium," said David Herzenberg, a 28-year-old aquarium enthusiast who kept his adherent cat-and-mouse two hours while he advised the plant-filled tanks at Aqua Forest. "It makes added faculty to accept a absolute ecosystem in there."

Aquascaper George Lo names some of his admired plants and explains how they're used.

Riccia: "It artlessly makes a lot of oxygen bubbles," Lo says. "It's aloof a absolutely air-conditioned effect. It looks like pearls."

Tonina: "This is a actual difficult bulb to grow. If the baptize allure is not right, it can about-face transparent, and the accomplished bulb aloof melts."

Glossostigma: "A actual accepted arena cover, it creates a nice carpeting aftereffect and is appealing accessible to abound and maintain."

Dwarf beard grass: "People don't apperceive you can abound grass in an aquarium. This bulb is attenuate and hair-like. It softens the look."

Java moss: "It is acclimated for putting on driftwood. It makes the driftwood feel alive."


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