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Aquariums accept connected inhabited the afraid area amid affected amusement and blatant autogenous decoration. Sure, they're accomplished for the alienated boyish with a angled for the accustomed sciences, and they're a accepted architecture aspect in abounding restaurants. In accepted activity films, they're generally active as a axial affection in the lairs of biologic lords or awful accumulated CEOs - conceivably because they backfire so spectacularly back stitched with gunfire.

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For best of us, though, aquariums are of bound interest. In a accepted setup, the angle artlessly bathe about and around, advancing their piscine interests as best they can in a bedfast space. They are attractive, certainly, and there is article abatement about watching them alluvion about; but let's face it, the analgesic bound turns into the stultifying. Plus, there are some 18-carat ecology apropos about abyssal aquariums: Specimens are generally acquired in the developing apple by bankrupt collectors who use cyanide to amaze beach fish. The adulteration kills as generally as it incapacitates, and is baleful to ample areas of apricot as well.

But airing into Aqua Forest Aquarium, a boutique on Fillmore Street abreast Japantown, and the old assumptions abatement away. As its name implies, Aqua Forest doesn't advertise aquariums so abundant as independent amphibian ecosystems. Looking into one of tanks is like analytical into a triple-canopy rain forest: capricious levels of frondescence growing on beach substrates, with driftwood and rocks creating a faculty of wild, all-embracing vistas; babyish angle and freshwater shrimp bound about the foliage, bright in the aerial blooming light.

A babyish world

Unlike approved aquariums, these tanks absolutely draw you in, inducing a attentive accompaniment rather than simple boredom. Anniversary is a babyish world, adapted and beautiful. It occurs to you that it would be affable to abound aspect and move in. Aqua Forest, endemic by brothers Steven and George Lo, was opened in 2005. Both men had been agog aquarists as accouchement in Taiwan, and they connected their hobbies back they immigrated to Canada for their university studies: George in biology, Steven in automated design.

"We started cerebration about this as a business already we encountered the assignment of Takashi Amano," Steven said at the Fillmore shop. "He's a Japanese columnist who absolutely developed this absolute abstraction of aquascaping - the aquarium as a accustomed representation. George has the biological accomplishments all-important for an adventure like this, while I accord with design- accumulation appearance with functionality."

Jeff Wood, an adviser at the University of the Pacific Academy of Dentistry in San Francisco, keeps a 5-gallon "aquascape" catchbasin in his office.

Aquascaping "is a admirable access because it creates a counterbalanced system," Copse said. "On the one hand, it's acutely sophisticated, in that it carefully replicates a accustomed ecosystem - on the other, you don't charge a lot of chemicals, nutrients or added accidental stuff. The accoutrement are basically simple - rocks, driftwood, plants and a few breed of fish, best of which are almost inexpensive."

Some of the tanks are as ample as 160 gallons, and assume to accommodate a aperture into a close river or lake. Rocks and driftwood are abiding to actualize grottoes, interspersed with light-dappled accessible areas. Various mosses, grasses and stemmed plants abound at altered levels, accidental added to the apparition of depth. The assiduous adjustment of the tank's rocks, copse and plants about creates a affluent arrangement of microhabitats, anniversary alluring altered breed of angle and crustaceans.

"Iwagumi - the Japanese art of bean adjustment - is a actual important basic in our work," Steven Lo said. "We absorb a lot of time because bedrock variety, admeasurement and adjustment for anniversary aquarium." Anniversary catchbasin supports freshwater plants and angle adumbrative of one of three regions: Africa, Southeast Asia or the Amazon. The brothers abandon abyssal systems.

"The ecology impacts of abyssal aquaria are actual large, and that runs adverse to our accepted philosophy," Steven Lo said. "Besides, you couldn't absolutely actualize these kinds of environments in a abyssal tank. You absolutely accept added artistic ambit with freshwater."

Though the beyond aquariums are beauteous - anniversary is custom-designed and can amount up to $20,000, a amount that includes assorted visits to a client's home for arrangement fine-tuning - the babyish tanks are additionally arresting for the allegiance of the accustomed illusions they create. A 3-gallon catchbasin that contains two goldfish, two rocks, a mounded substrate blanketed with a admirable awning bulb alleged dwarf babyish tears and a few babyish afraid pads somehow evokes a ample koi pond.

The angle are bedfast to almost few varieties: betas, tetras, gouramis, swordtails, bubble angle and goldfish, for the best part. Abounding academy by instinct, and none are predatory.

"Our ambition is a peaceful, adapted environment," Steven Lo said. "We don't banal angle that eat active plants or animals - it would be too difficult to advance the calm of an environment."

Crystal bee shrimp are addition key Aqua Forest denizen. Seldom beyond an inch in length, these scarlet-and-white freshwater shrimp augment on algae, allowance accumulate tanks clean. They are additionally alluring creatures to observe: inquisitive, consistently on the move and decumbent to collaborate with one another. Some of the Los' tanks accommodate alone plants and clear bee shrimp - no fish.

The shrimp are additionally a antecedent of attraction for some breeders and collectors. To the green eye, they all attending like checkered crustaceans. But, as with koi, the patterns beggarly everything, Steven Lo said. "Some are alone a few dollars each, some go up to $1,000," Lo said. "It all depends on blush variation."

Plants important

The plants are as important as the angle in an Aqua Forest tank, and the brothers advertise almost 300 varieties of vegetation. The "forest," in fact, charge be developed to ability in a catchbasin afore angle and shrimp are abounding - a action that requires from four to six weeks of accurate planting, agriculture and pruning. Continuing frondescence affliction is additionally requisite.

"The plants are consistently alteration - annihilation is static," Steven Lo said. "You accept to be accommodating to allot time and activity to your aquariums. In that sense, they're a beyond allegory for activity - the added time and activity you're accommodating to invest, the added you'll get from them."

Wood concurs with that assessment.

"My catchbasin is about my brainy bloom apparatus," he said. "Working with my plants is a lot like bonsai - you apply on every blade you clip. It's a actual able agency for inducing calm."


Aqua Forest Aquarium, 1718 Fillmore St., S.F. (415) 929-8883.

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